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Kālyana is her Sanskrit name, Karine is her French one. Born in France now based in New York; she was introduced to yoga in India in 2003, and has been practicing since then. She graduated from Integral Yoga Institute, in NYC, Asanas and Pranayama : Level I 200-Hour; Asanas and Pranayama : Intermediate Level II 176-Hour, Gentle and Chair training 100-Hour; and Raja Yoga, the philosophy and psychology of yoga 80-Hour.
She is as well a certified kids yoga teacher, graduated from Kidding Around Yoga school.
Kālyana is a passionate, spiritual, and artistic person, also dedicated, and practical.
Her background is rich in travel, fitness, nutrition and creative work, all formative experiences that have helped her teach spiritual well being, wholeness, and healthy living.

Her everyday life embraces yoga, meditation, organic living, and the learning of spiritual teachings. This routine helps her to convey a sense of stability, and mindfulness to students, and others.
As an Integral Yoga Hatha teacher she approaches each class as a complete yoga practice, experiencing chanting, asānas or physical poses, a guided deep relaxation, prānayama or breathing techniques, and a brief meditation.
Her passion is to create and lead people through what she calls ‘Inspired Yoga Travels’ around the world, known as well as ‘Yoga Vacations'. One country; one theme. ‘Inspired' stands for creativity; ‘Yoga' stands for learning a healthy life style, and Travels/Vacations for FUN, as she believes life is meant to be fun, and lived in joy!

My services

Private Sessions

Private one-on-one or group session, adults and kids, scheduled at your convenience. In-home or in studio. Learn how to live a healthy life style through physical postures, breathing techniques, deep guided relaxation, stress management, and meditation. Bring more peace into your life, and others...

Studio Classes

Come and enjoy a Hatha yoga class in one of the studios. Adults and kids class. Pelham, NYC, welcoming and meaningful places. Check the schedule below. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Check with the yoga studios for pricing.

Yoga Hikes

Get closer to Mother Earth. Give yourself a little break, allow yourself to be guided. Breath, observe, listen, feel, re-connect with the moment present surrounded by nature.
Ideal for family or group of friends. Schedule your own or check the schedule below.


Yoga retreats. Treat yourself. Take some time off in one of those "blissful cocoons", you deserve it! Discover or deepen your yoga practice, add to it some sightseeing, skiing or hiking!. Learn about stress management. Relax and have fun! You don't have to worry about time anymore.


One-on-One Private Yoga Session. Adults and Kids.
Initial Consultation $100 60min. This first intake session is required for all new clients.
90 Minute Private Session $120 90min. After Initial Consultation.
60 - 75 Minute Session $100 60 - 75min After Initial Consultation.
Group Private Yoga Session. Adults and Kids.
Initial Consultation $100 60min. This first intake session is required for all new clients. Group of six max.
90 Minute Session $120 90min. After Initial Consultation.
75 Minute Session $100 75min. After Initial Consultation.
60 Minute Session $100 60min. After initial consultation
Yoga Hikes
Yoga Hike (Group of 6 people minimum) $35 180min Strengthen the body and quiet the mind surrounded by nature, in Westchester.
Yoga Vacations around the world From $1950 and up. Full board basis. One week, and Weekend getaway The Yoga Vacations are meaningful vacations where you learn a healthy life style through yoga, and according to the destination and theme bring the fun in! Learn how to sail, about history, photography, enjoy hiking, golfing etc. Contact info below. Ask for an e-brochure with all the different destinations, themes and dates..

Success stories

  • Karine is an amazing yoga teacher. She carefully assesses your physical condition before beginning each class and tailors the asnas to what you can handle on a particular day. That is not to say that she won’t challenge your limits—she is always helping to find the balance between comfort and effort. Under her direction you will chant, breathe and become a much better yogi. I have worked with her for a year and my only lament is that I didn’t find her earlier!

    Monica Palekar

    Private regular student

  • Karine's yoga teaching is gentle, thorough and enlightening. She has really helped alleviate my chronic back pain caused by scoliosis. After yoga class with Karine, my mind and body are refreshed and restored.

    Lynn Honneyset

    Regular student

  • I am at peace with Karine...I have been taking her class for the past year and being a yoga teacher I rejoice in her knowledge and guidance. Her classes relax me, center me and allows me to reach my potential. Her serenity and her energy brings me to the essentials and reminds me why I fell in love with the practice of yoga.

    Vanessa Nudget

    Yoga teacher and student

  • As a first time yoga student, I was a bit nervous to try, but Karine was very patient, calm and her love of yoga made me feel relaxed. I always heard yoga is good for the mind and the body, and now after taking Karine's class I truly believe it! I will be taking many more. Thanks Karine!!

    Dena B.


  • Thank you so much for such an amazing experience! I had a wonderful time with you and all of the ladies. Cannot wait to go for one of your retreat again :). See you soon in NY!


    Student & Yoga vacation in France

  • Dear Kālyana, this sojourn in your country, your beautiful country, has been amazing! The memories I will treasure until the end of my days. Your generosity is stunning! Xx


    Yoga teacher trainer & Yoga vacation in France

  • Ma chère amie Karine, I am so blessed to have been a part of this amazing experience that you created. Your gift was well received and appreciated by all that participated. I cannot wait for all the beautiful memories that lay ahead for you (and me ;)) with the Yoga Vacations! With gratitude Xx

    Kara Vilcheck

    Yoga vacation in France


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